It’s All About God

Sometimes we get frustrated and disappointed about the things that are not under our control.


There are indeed situations in our individual lives that we are all facing everyday of our lives that wont be and will never be in our control.


Death of the family member or love ones, sickness, pain, failures, disappointments, being broken hearted, business failure, financial crisis, dangers, etc. Name it!


Yes we cant really control everything. We cant control the situations. We can only control the way we respond to them.


I may not know personally the things you are going through right now, but i plead with you to remember this. GOD KNOWS IT!


God knows every detail of our lives. Our ups and downs, our lefts and rights, our whole and our being.


As i write this note, i also is going through tough and painful situations. But God spoke to me this very verses in my quiet time tonight..


Psalm 46:2-4

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,


though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.


There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where THE MOST HIGH DWELLS.




God is like a river that will continously flow into our hearts, a river that will give us peace, a river that will give us comfort and joy, a river that dwells in us, a river that will lead us into a loving arms of God NO MATTER WHAT!


We cant change situations.. We cant change the people who hurted us and continously hurting us.. We cant change everything because we are not God. He is the only One who can make things upside down. He is the creator of heavens and earth.


And also.. Everything happens for a reason FOR OUR GOOD..


Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you future and hope.


Let the peace of God sorround our hearts as we face every challenges that comes our way.


GOD IS IN CONTROL! Let us trust in His will and Sovereignty….


I pray that weather in good times or bad times.. HOLD ON TO GOD!


..that is also the very thing i keep on reminding myself each time..


He is our Heavenly Father, our lover, our comforter, our bestfriend, our lover….and most importantly OUR LORD AND SAVIOR…





Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.


Be still.. Be still.. Be still..

God is in control..


His loving presence will guard our hearts through Christ who strengthen us.



When you hear the word sex, what comes out to your mind first? Can you imagine something about it? Do you find it lustful? Is it dirty or not?


There are three things that I’m going to share with you regarding sex. The first one is sex is enjoyable. Indeed sex is enjoyable not after the “I love you” but after the “I do”. Second, sex is the celebration of the covenant of marriage. The third one is that it must only be done between a man and a woman. In the fist book of the Bible which is Genesis 1:27 God said, male and female He created them. God made Adam and Eve… Never Adam and Steve nor Ana and Eve! If you are in a relationship right now of course a boy and a girl relationship, boyfriend or girlfriend. You are not supposed to do sex yet. You have to wait for the right time that both of you are going to do sex, that you do not stir up sex until marriage. If you are a man and if you really love your girl, you must respect her and love her the way the Father King loves her. She is so much precious in God’s eyes. Remember that she is God’s princess! Real man is able to protect his girl, not to take advantage of her. Wait until both of you are united in the covenant of marriage. Of course, if you are a woman, you also ought to protect yourself. Preserve your body to the only one man you will marry in the future. One body is to be united with only one body as well, not many bodies because you only have one body. God said, love is patient, therefore if you really love that person, you will wait patiently.


I conclude that sex is not dirty. Sex is enjoyable and pleasing, sex is the celebration of marriage and also remember that sex is only done between a man and a woman. Sex is actually God’s idea. You just have to do it His way.